No Billboards | No TV Commercials

Finding an attorney to fight for your well-being and compensation when you've been injured is not difficult.  Television commercials and billboards flood the airwaves and roadsides with promises and guarantees.  Chris Davis offers a different approach.  He operates a general practice, of which personal injury cases compose a small percentage.  As a result, you are not simply one file among thousands.  You, your story, and your needs are the complete focus of Mr. Davis's energy and time. 

    •  Car Accidents

    •  18-Wheeler Accidents

    •  Negligence

    •  Wrongful Death

    •  Medical and Dental Malpractice

    •  Slip-and-Fall

    •  Premises Liability (Injury While On Another's Property)

    •  Product Liability (Injury from a Defective or Dangerous Product)

    •  Bodily Injury

A Different Way

When tragic or difficult times arise, Chris provides knowledgeable advice and aggressive representation.  His is a small-town, client-focused law firm.  Unlike large personal injury firms (the ones you see on billboards and on TV commercials), you are not just another file in the cabinet to Mr. Davis.  He treats you with the respect and attention you deserve.  In your time of need, let him fight for you.