Involvement in the legal system is stressful and uncertain.  In a divorce you are faced with the possibility of losing physical custody of your child or losing valuable property.  You may have been arrested and staring at jail time.  You might have been injured in a car wreck and risk not getting the compensation that you deserve.  Fortunately, I have represented and helped individuals achieve successful, positive outcomes in all of these situations.

Every case is unique. 
I hear your perspective. 
I listen to your story.
We get results.

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From the first meeting forward, I provide you with an understanding of potential outcomes and chart a path forward that recognizes your specific needs.  I work with you, guiding you through the legal process.  I want to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. 

However, successful outcomes are a two-way street.  All communications between you and I are protected by the attorney-client privilege and remain confidential.  So, it is important to be straight-forward, candid, and responsive in our communications.

We will achieve the results you want.

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