High Stakes |

When you've been charged with a crime, the stakes are high.  Jail time.  Fines.  Damage to your reputation.  Background checks and  loss of your job.  These potential consequences demand a serious and professional response.  Attorney Chris Davis understands this.  Regardless of the charge - whether DUI, drug possession, murder, manslaughter, sex offense, theft, assault, traffic violation, any charge - he zealously fights for your innocence and justice and uses every procedural and evidentiary advantage available.

A Client-Focused Defense

Jefferson County is full of lawyers and law firms claiming to be the best, the most experienced, and the most dedicated.  Mr. Davis's approach focuses on you, the client, and on achieving the best outcome possible.  In his own words:

    "First, I know what it feels like.  Being faced with a criminal charge is scary, unsettling, and stressful.  I understand and will address all of your questions patiently and  thoroughly.

      Second, I defend you like I would want to be defended.  My time and energy is devoted to fighting 
      for your constitutional rights.  I don't let the prosecutor use bully tactics that compromise your rights.

     Third, I take pride in the service I provide to my clients, constantly keeping you informed on 
     the status and progress of your case.  I give my cell phone number to all of my clients.  When you 
      call, if I'm available, I answer.  If not, I return your call as soon as I can.  When you hire a criminal lawyer, you should be able to speak to him or her when you need to.  You don't have to worry about tracking me down.

      Finally, I know you are concerned about legal fees.  A
good criminal attorney isn't cheap.  And the 
      risk of jail time, fines, a damaged reputation, and loss of your job aren't worth saving a few pennies.  But, 
      I'm sensitive to your financial needs.  I offer some of the most competitive and affordable rates in 
      Central Alabama.  I provide my clients with a focused and aggressive criminal defense and fight tirelessly for their freedom, interests, and rights."

                        -    Chris Davis, Attorney at Law